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Professional retro-reflective sheeting manufacturer with its own manufacturing technology
MN Tech Global is a retro-reflective sheeting manufacturer based on in-house technology.We produce products based on advanced nanotechnology of the world’s leading display film provider ‘MN Tech.’ We target becoming a global leader in retro-reflective sheeting for road safety

· ECE-104 (CLASS C)
· FMVSS 108 (DOT-C2)


· Product type – Sealing-type micro-prismatic tape
· Durability – 7years 
· Storage – Temperature: 18-24℃, relative  

  humidity : 30-50% (1 year)
· Dimension – Width: 2” (50mm),  

  length : 50YDS (45.72M)
· Usage – Taped to the side of vehicles  

  (large truck, special vehicle, connected vehicle)

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