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Jost Group is an enterprise which since its establishment in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles. Jost offers the world-wide largest product range for commercial vehicles. The products for truck producers include a wide variety of fifth wheel couplings for a wide variety of applications, dual height fifth wheel systems and sliders. Jost offers trailer producers a broad selection of telescopic landing gears, ball bearing turntables, king pins and hub odometers. Another group of product offers container locks and components for alternating systems. In recent years, Jost has introduced on the market numerous innovations in the systems sector, innovations that automate, electronically control and monitor various tasks that were previously carried out manually

Fifth Wheel

  • Jost offers a wide selection of fifth wheel couplings, 2" and 3 1/2" in a wide variety of mounting heights, bearing types and models. The program is completed by mounting plates, sliders and dual height fifth wheel systems.

  Jost JSK42 Catalog

Landing Legs

  • Any customer specs can be fulfilled thanks to the landing gear's modular construction with variable mounting and bolting heights, its differing crank and connection shaft lengths and its four different foot types. Furthermore, Jost offers a multitude of special landing gears for special applications.

 Jost D200T Flyer              Jost MODUL Flyer

Turntable / Spare parts

  • The ball bearing turn tables and slewing rings were the first products that Jost produced. The wide range of top-quality ball bearing turntables is based on this experience.

 Jost Turntable Installation

 Jost Overall Catalog

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