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Haldex is a Sweden-based company, operating worldwide with offices in 18 countries. Haldex develops and provides reliable and innovative solutions that improve safety, vehicle dynamics and environmental sustainability in the global commercial vehicle industry. We are the world-leading supplier of brake adjusters for drum brakes and have the fastest growing market share for air disc brakes.

Over 2,000 employees spread across four continents challenge conventional thinking every day to ensure that the products we deliver focus on safety, efficiency and uptime.  Haldex is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has a sales of approximately SEK 4.4 bn.


The safety benefits of anti-lock braking systems are already well-known and well-established around the world. With Modular ABS from Haldex – a world leader in innovative ABS technology – you also gain an additional advantage: versatility. Flexibility is a key feature of ABS from Haldex, thanks to a modular design that enables you to meet your needs precisely. At the heart of the system is a single package that includes all of the necessary Modulators, a unique Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a mounting bracket. To ensure simple, fast installation, the ECU is linked to the rest of the vehicle by a single connection. By adopting a modular approach to ABS, Haldex makes it easy to add on further features and functionality, including advanced odometers and sophisticated vehicle information systems


- Haldex EB+ is a braking system that combines ABS with Electronic Load Sensors (ELS) and a Control Area Network (CAN) to provide more responsive, more efficient braking. In its purest form, EBS would have no pneumatic control circuit and would be a true 'brake by wire' system. In reality, legal requirements mean that any EBS system will need to be integrated with pneumatic brake actuation for the foreseeable future. Haldex EB+ is designed to actuate brakes based on either pneumatic or electronic signals. In Haldex EB+, multiple CAN circuits are built into the system as standard. This enables Haldex EB+ to support a wide range of 'added value' capabilities – both now and in the future – without having to rely on connections with an external CAN

Haldex is a world's leader in ABS and EBS technology and a provider of proprietary and innovative solutions to the global vehicle industry, with focus on products in vehicles that enhance safety, environment and vehicle dynamics..

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