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 Fras Le Founded in 1954, Fras-le produces friction materials. It is a global leader in its business of Safety in Motion Control. Fras-le was the first friction material manufacturer in Brazil. With factories in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo), the United States (Alabama), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Uruguay (Montevideu), India (Haryana) and in China (Pinghu), distribution centers in Argentina, Colombia, Europe, and the United States, and commercial operations in the United States, Chile, Germany, Mexico, United Aram Emirates, and South Africa, the company keeps a well-structured team to service its clients in over 100 countries on all of the continents where it operates.

  • Products: Brake pads,brake shoes,clutch facings,discs,drums,universal sheets and industrial products.

  • USE:Brake and transmissions systems, and in various machines

  • APPLICATION:Truck, seni-trailer,trailer,buses,car,motorcycles,tractors,

  • subways,trains,elevators,aircraft,oilrigs,industrial machies,among other.

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