VDL Weweler develops, produces and sells parabolic springs, air suspension systems, special axles and related articles for manufactures of trailers, trucks and buses.

VDL Weweler systems are robust and deliver reliability and cost-effective operation for on-highway applications as well as in the most demanding operating environments. The ISO-certified manufacturing facilities in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) and Poperinge (Belgium) are highly automated: robotics play an important role in cost-effective and reliable production. VDL Weweler system solutions are designed with OEM serial production and specialist, medium volume applications in mind. Advanced logistics enable large Kanban and Just-in-Time deliveries to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Air Suspension:

  • All VDL Weweler suspension systems are characterized by the parabolic trailing arm, which acts as an integrated roll stabilizer and as a guiding arm for the axle. The parabolic trailing arms are manufactured in-house, which offers the assurance of maximum quality and process control for this essential product and guarantees a long operational life. VDL Weweler is the only European spring manufacturer to develop and manufacture its own range of air suspension system solutions.

 Air Suspension Maintenance Manual

Axle lift system:

  • The Bolt-on® axle lift was developed as a standard option for all VDL Weweler air suspensions, and the current range also covers axle lifts for BPW, Daimler and SAF air suspension systems. We have carefully looked at the axle lifts available on the market and have improved the assembly time, as well as specifications such as ground clearance. In addition to the Bolt-On ® axle lifts, which are side mounted, VDL Weweler also offers a range of mid lifts, as well as a unique cylinder lift.


  • Control valve for axle lift system is available for automatic and/or manual drop and raise.

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