Takler, new Company worldwide recognized, is already on the top of the body fitting market for industrial vehicles. Its components and accessories are part of a wide and highly profiled offer, characterized by a carefully studied design and high quality materials employed. The technological know-how, the will to seek or the best, a qualified staff, a high quality certified production are the axioms thanks to which, Takler has shortly become a benchmark in the market worldwide. With the aim of being open to the global needs, Takler, in its entire vision, prepares and designs itself along with a team, well organized and efficient, to respond to the international markets need. This is also proved by a number of international and successful shows where its trademark, the quality of the products and, above all, the highly professional service given are well appreciated and acknowledged by the major companies in this sector.

Wheel chock:

  • Takler plastic chock entirely produced with Made in Italy materials and a completely automatized production. It can be combined with the suitable chock holder, characterized by the new system with the handle which permits a wider hold while pulling it out or also with the tubular support which through a pin perfectly blocks the plastic chock.

Side guard:

  • The new plastic bars for side protection, in compliance with the 89/297/EEC regulation are made of innovative elements as the plastic material with a core in galvanised steel. In addition, this item is characterised by an accurate design, a great versatility and a wide range of available accessories which allow to adapt it to every vehicle.


  • Bracketry, Support, Bumper, Water tank, etc

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