SoundOff Signal originated in 1992 as a manufacturer of high-quality safety solutions. Company founder George Boerigter, who serves as Chairman of the Board, transformed a small startup company into an organization that now supplies high technology safety solutions across the globe. This winning formula, coupled with a passion to serve, is what propels us to deliver solutions that create safer, more productive working environments to the markets we serve. This formula has also provided us with the good fortune of experiencing 25 years of uninterrupted sales growth.

Building on our rich history, commitment to our customers, and problem-solving design, we remain committed to deliver products and services you can trust.

At SoundOff Signal, you can rely on our capabilities that include:

·         Smartly Designed products

·         Superior customer relationships

·         Quickest lead-times in the industry

·         Quality, high-performing products

·         Outstanding customer service

·         Expert technicians

·         Continuous improvement

·         Global market experience

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