SAF-HOLLAND is one of the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality systems and components for commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers) as well as buses and recreational vehicles. Their product range primarily comprises axle systems, fifth wheels, landing legs and kingpins. They are well positioned around the world in all important growth markets and have a broad range of high-quality products

Fifth Wheel

  • SAF-HOLLAND fifth wheels are world renowned for their reliability and performance embodying a history of evolutionary designs that expand fifth wheel function and value. These innovative advancements guarantee performance and offer proven value for your application. Available in cast steel, steel, or forged Aluminum.

Landing legs

  • SAF-HOLLAND landing legs will always deliver ease of operation and durability, whether it's in the frigid Canadian cold or the blistering Middle East desert heat. Innovative technologies have created many unique, patented features to help customers save time, weight, fuel, effort, and even reduced the potential for operator injury. Available in various models/lengths.

Spare parts

  • A variety of spare parts are available for models sold in Thailand.