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DAKEN srl main activity is the manufacturing of plastic components for industrial vehicles by injection molding, such as plastic toolboxes, fire extinguisher boxes, impact buffers. Thanks to its focus on quality and reliability, Daken srl has rapidly gained important market shares throughout Europe notably in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy and also outside Europe.

In 2009, the economic crisis forced Mr Lorusso to find other streams of revenues for the company in order to reduce dependence on the recession hit industrial vehicle sector. The firefighting sector gave Daken the opportunity to develop a range of high quality plastic accessories such as fire extinguisher boxes of 6 kg and of 6/9 kg, which have proved very successful.

Tool Box

  • The plastic toolbox is made of first-quality polypropylene and produced by injection molding. It has been exposed to resistance, water-ingress and breakage tests of its components at extreme temperatures and it has achieved excellent results. Available in various sizes and dimensions.

Fire Extinguisher Box

  • The fire extinguisher box is realized in first-quality polypropylene by injection moulding process. It has excellent mechanical resistance, polished finishes and dimensional precision. Fit for extinguishers with diameter of 150 -190 mm. Available in red/black or black color, with window.

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