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Air springs for the aftermarket
ContiTech Air Spring Systems offers more than 2,000 lines worldwide, thereby covering almost all air spring lines for trailers, trucks and buses. Three standalone brands are available to tailor the product range perfectly to the diverse needs of the markets.
The ContiTech premium brand demonstrates the company's expertise as a recognized development partner and original equipment manufacturer. Since these air springs are developed as original equipment, the ContiTech brand is guaranteed to meet the highest quality requirements that fulfill the specifications of vehicle manufacturers in aftermarket business, too.
The PHOENIX quality brand is perfectly tailored to the independent aftermarket, due to 50 years of experience in the development of original equipment for renowned vehicle manufacturers. PHOENIX offers high product quality and a high degree of flexibility when it comes to expanding the product range to niches.

Air springs for trailer / semitrailer applications

  • Air suspension on trailers ensures gentler treatment of both the load being hauled and any trailer body mounted equipment.

    Trailer air springs further contribute to less road wear due to low natural frequency, reduced unsprung axle mass and reduced wheel load fluctuations. This aspect is of growing importance as traffic volume becomes increasing dense.

    As a rule, each axle has two air springs. In multi-axle combinations, one axle is frequently provided with an axle-lifting device to protect the tires on empty runs or when the vehicle is only partially loaded. Usually convoluted air springs are used for raising and lowering lift axles.

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