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Regards as the world’s best axle and suspension from Germany, BPW Bergische Achsen specializes in the manufacture of axles, all kinds of suspensions and ancillary equipments. The company's headquarters are in Wiehl, east of Cologne. There are more than 12 production sites and 3,000 service partners around the world.


Every BPW axle is in the heavy-duty, premium quality range, and comes with Camber and Toe-in that improves Tyre service life and increases the stability of straight-ahead driving respectively. BPW latest technology of Eco hub series offer less downtime and eas of maintenance.

Axle #HZF9010 Axle #HZ11008
Axle #HZM12010 Axle #SHZMSLM12010

Smooth ride for every journey, on and off road with BPW Air suspension. BPW incorporate a better design which will increase the life of product and improve the true cost of ownership in the long run.

BPW Air-Light Brochure  

BPW offers many types of heavy duty Mechanic Suspension suited for off-road application.

BPW Mechanic Suspension  

BPW customizes spare part list on eveyr types of axle/suspension. Customers will receive drawing and part list for ease of order.

BPW Service Manual BPW Air Suspension Spare Parts
BPW Axle Spare Parts (Drum) BPW Axle Spare Parts (Disc)
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